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My Important Thoughts About The Book:

A Girl, a Boy and a Monster CatAbout three years ago my husband bought a Venus flytrap in a little plastic cup for his niece for her fifth birthday. I’ve never had a plant in a plastic cup do anything but die. This one, however, grew into something that looked as if it belonged in a classic Star Trek episode. I had been interested in writing a book for younger children for a while because a few teachers at elementary schools I had visited told me they wished I had a book for their first and second graders. But I hadn’t been able to think of anything to write about. Then I was handed this idea for a story about a plant that grew and grew.

I struggled for quite some time to write a book about a girl and her plant. My picture book manuscript didn’t work. A couple of chapter books didn’t work. The story evolved from being a girl and her plant, to a girl playing with her plant, to a girl using her plant for fantasy play, to a girl who likes fantasy play.

In fact, the Venus flytrap doesn’t even appear in A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat. (The cat shows up in every draft, though.) The book ended up being a series of short stories, similar to two of my earlier books, My Life Among the Aliens and Club Earth.

The Critics' Important Thoughts About The Book...

The Horn Book: "Take one boy stuck at a neighbor's house, mix in one girl with an overactive imagination, add one vicious Chihuahua, and you have a perfect recipe for havoc…The unlikely friendship between Brandon and Hannah develops naturally, and before long, Brandon doesn't even miss his tube time-and neither will readers."

School Library Journal: "The outrageous situations, quirky characters, and black-and-white cartoon illustrations are certain to appeal to children who are looking for an easy chapter book that is pure fun."

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