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I have published an eBook edition of Saving the Planet & Stuff for Kindle.

Saving the Planet & Stuff:    For Kindle from

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G. P. Putnam’s Sons has published eBook editions of the following three titles that are also available for Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

A Girl, a Boy, and Three Robbers:    Kindle      NOOK       Kobo

A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat:    Kindle      NOOK       Kobo

Happy Kid!     Kindle      NOOK       Kobo


Traditional Print Editions

Traditional print editions of my books can be found at:


bulletMy books at amazon.com


bulletMy books at barnesandnoble.com

bulletBookfinder.com (www.bookfinder.com)

bulletAbebooks.com (www.abebooks.com)

bulletAlibris (www.alibris.com)

Foreign Editions

For those of you interested in reading foreign languages--and I know there are tens of thousands of you out there--we have provided the following links to sites selling foreign editions of my books.  But be warned--those sites are in the same language as the edition and that can be a stumbling block.  Bonne chance!

bulletwww.Amazon.de ( German Language Books)

bulletAchtung Außerirdische (German Edition of My Life Among The Aliens)

bulletEin total verrucktes schuljahr (German Edition of A Year With Butch and Spike)

bulletFerienklub Erde - auch Ausserirdische brauchen Urlaub (German Edition of Club Earth)

bulletwww.Amazon.fr ( French Language Books)

bulletLes Visiteurs Debarquent (French Edition of My Life Among The Aliens)

bulletwww.Amazon.it ( Italian Language Books)

bulletL'alieno che venne a cena (Italian Edition of Club Earth)

bulletwww.amazon.co.jp ( Japanese Language Books)

bullet(Japanese Edition of My Life Among The Aliens)

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