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No I didn't do the cover art.   Read on to learn about the people who did my covers.

Eric Bloom

Cover IllustrationEric Bloom did both the cover illustration and the design for the eBook edition of Saving the Planet & Stuff.

Eric is a New York City-based illustrator in both digital and traditional media.   He is a former digital compositor at Marvel Entertainment and a graduate of Pratt Institute.


Joe Cepeda

Cover IllustrationCover IllustrationJoe Cepeda did both the cover art and the illustrations for A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat and its sequel, A Girl, a Boy, and Three Robbers.

In addition to working as a commercial artist and contributing work for periodicals and corporate clients, Joe has illustrated a large number of children's books, including Nappy Hair by Carolivia Herron and the American edition of the I, Freddy books (the Golden Hamster Saga) by Dietlof Reiche. And he has illustrated books by Gary Soto and Julius Lester.

You can view more of his work at his website.

Santiago Cohen

Cover IllustrationCover IllustrationSantiago Cohen did both the cover art and the illustrations for My Life Among The Aliens and its sequel, Club Earth.

In addition to doing the illustrations and/or cover art for a number of books, Santiago is an award winning animator. He did the animation for the Troubles the Cat series on the Cartoon Network and was involved with Sniz and Fondue, which is seen on Kablam (Nickelodeon). He's done illustrations for a long list of magazines in the United States (Family Fun, Healthy Kids, Child, New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, The Village Voice, to name a few) as well as for publications and organizations in Japan, Australia, and Mexico. Last, but not least, he designed the logo for the Comedy Central Network!

Santiago Cohen is originally from Mexico but now lives in the United States with his wife and children.

You can view more of his work at his website.

Richard Hull

Cover IllustrationRichard Hull did the cover art for A Year With Butch And Spike.

Richard has done artwork for two children's books by Judith Viorst and a book of poems by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  He lives in the western U.S..


Mark Elliott

Cover IllustrationMark Elliott, who did the cover art for The Hero of Ticonderoga did covers for a number of books by Gail Carson Levine--including, of course, Ella Enchanted.  He lives on a working sheep farm!

You can view more of his work at this website.

Robert Shadbolt

Cover IllustrationRobert Shadbolt started doing freelance artwork for Vogue magazine while still a student at the Royal College of Art.  Since then he’s worked for many women’s magazines, mainly because he enjoys their silliness.  After once getting lost in the Egyptian desert while doing design work for a treasure-seekers website, he decided to stick to London and Paris where he is what is known as an urban stroller.   Shadbolt lives near Greenwich, England and teaches art to the next generation at Middlesex University.

You can view more of his work at his website.


Andrew Farley

Cover IllustrationThe cover art for the paperback version of A Year With Butch And Spike was done by Andrew Farley. While still a student at Kingston University in England (where he studied graphic design and graduated with honors--or honours, as they say on the other side of the Atlantic), Andrew completed his first job as an illustrator, which involved creating portraits for record sleeves. (I believe we would call those record albums. Your parents probably have some tucked away somewhere.) In addition to doing book illustrations, Andrew does artwork for movie posters and advertising campaigns.

Andrew lives in Kent, England.

Marikka Tamura

Cover IllustrationMarikka Tamura did the book design for Happy Kid!

Chiara Carrer

Cover IllustrationChiara Carrer did the cover art and illustrations for La mia vita tra gli alieni, the Italian edition of My Life Among The Aliens.    She is a well regarded Italian illustrator having illustrated numerous children's books, many of which have received awards and recognitions.  

Léo Beker

Léo Beker, who did the cover art for Les Visiteurs Debarquent!, the French edition of My Life Among The Aliens, was born in Uruguay but moved with his parents to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He worked for a time installing meteorological stations in Patagonia and became interested in deep sea diving.   During a period of political unrest in Argentina, he moved to Marseilles, France with his wife and child to study oceanography.

They decided to stay in France, and Beker began creating a bande dessinée--a comic strip.  He has done ten albums of comics altogether, five in the series "Louison Cresson."  He is also the author of L'Instant Qui Precede.

Silke Brix-Henker

Cover IllustrationSilke Brix-Henker did the cover art for Ein total verrucktes Schuljar, the German edition of A Year With Butch And Spike.   She lives in Germany and works as a freelance illustrator for book publishers and television.  


Giorgio Sommacal

Cover IllustrationGiorgio Sommacal did the cover art for L'alieno che venne a cena, the Italian edition of Club Earth.  He lives in the Town of Bra, Italy and has done illustrations for newspapers, comics, magazines as well as childrens books. 


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