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A Girl, a Boy, and a Monster Cat

You'll love these delightful tales about Hannah and her capable "monster" cat, Buttercup. Brilliant little Hannah creates role-playing games around the books she reads about spies, pirates, and dinosaurs. Her games are so engaging she's even able to draw her unwilling sidekick, Brandon, into the fun! And wait until you see what happens when Hannah meets her new neighbor, Bucky! You won't want to see her story end!  Click here to learn more about this book and how you can buy a copy.

hannah1.jpg (12860 bytes)"Brilliant little Hannah?" Is "brilliant" another word for "bossy?" And do you know what a "sidekick" is? I'll tell you. It's the character in a book who never gets to have any fun! Oh, and by the way, Bucky isn't your usual kind of neighbor. You know, like the kind of neighbor who drives a car or has a job or goes to school? No, Bucky's a dog. He looks like a rat, but he's a dog.

Just so you know.


A Girl, a Boy, and Three Robbers

Hannah's adventures continue in these uproarious stories! You'll love the new games she creates after reading books about vampires, art thieves, and puppets. This time around Hannah, Buttercup, and Brandon are joined by the wonderful Sunderland kids for even more fun!  Click here to learn more about this book and how you can buy a copy.

The Sunderland kids aren't "wonderful." They're mean, loud, and dirty. They scare their own dad, and he's a big guy. We never had to worry about the Sunderlands until Hannah insisted on going into their yard to save her stupid cat, who can take care of himself just fine.  After that it seemed as if every time I turned around, I saw a Sunderland. 

I'm lucky they didn't give me nightmares.

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