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Joe Cepeda's artwork has appeared in magazines and business publications. Nappy Hair and the American edition of I, Freddy are among the many children's books he has illustrated.

ButtercupFreddy is a golden hamster. I wish we had a golden hamster in our book instead of a cat.

Joe and I are the only guys involved with The Hannah and Brandon Stories.  Hannah bosses me around something awful, and she's a girl.  Hannah's mom, Mrs. D., won't let us leave the yard, and she's a girl. Gail decides every single thing we're going to do, and she's a girl. Our editor, who runs everything in New York, is a girl. Our copy editor, who fixes all our grammar and punctuation mistakes (they are all Gail's fault, by the way), is a girl.

So I think Joe and I should stick together because we are the only guys. (I don't count Buttercup, seeing as he's a cat.) I hope that in the next book Joe will draw me so that I am taller and stronger than Hannah. It would be easy for him to do. He'd just have to sneak the pictures in.

I would do it for him.    


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