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Gail Gauthier has written eight books for children and young adults, including the first two volumes of The Hannah and Brandon Stories. The Hero of Ticonderoga was an ALA Notable Book. Her books have been nominated for ten readers' choice awards and published in Germany, Italy, France, and Japan. She also maintains the blog Original Content.

My Life Among the Aliens  Club Earth  A Year with Butch and Spike  Saving the Planet and Stuff  The Hero of Ticonderoga  Happy Kid  A Girl, a Boy and a Monster Cat  A Girl, a Boy, and Three Robbers

I know that Gail has written a couple of funny books about boys and aliens.  She also wrote a funny book about two boy cousins who drive a third boy crazy during sixth grade. She wrote a funny book about a teenage boy who spends the summer with two old people who eat nothing but fruit and vegetables. And she wrote a funny book about a seventh grade boy who has a creepy book that he thinks is sending him secret messages.

Brandon Gail is supposed to like boys because both her kids are boys. So why did she have to go all girly now? Why didn't she make me the main character in The Hannah and Brandon Stories and make Hannah the narrator? Hannah
Well, Gail says it's because she has a niece who got a Venus flytrap plant for her birthday that grew in a really weird way, and she was originally going to write a book about that. Everything changed, but she kept the main character a girl for her niece.

What kind of excuse is that?

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