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A Year With Butch And Spike


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My Important Thoughts About The Book:

Hardcover Edition
Hardcover Edition
Butch and Spike were born out on my deck while I was flipping hamburgers for my sons and a couple of their friends. I thought about others things I could have been making for them--chicken marinated in mustard, pizza with asparagus and goat cheese, pumpkin ravioli. You know what I mean. Then I thought about the kinds of boys who really wouldn't like that kind of food--boys who scratch and burp, who wear dirty sneakers and torn shirts, who have names like Butch and Spike. You know who I mean. And then I thought, what if Butch and Spike really liked that kind of food? What if they ate it all the time? Paperback Edition
Paperback Edition

A Year With Butch And Spike grew from that original idea. Oddly enough, the lunch scene never made it into the book.

The Critics' Important Thoughts About The Book:

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books: "This fast-paced novel has heroes to cheer, villains to hiss, and conflict of titanic proportions."

Kirkus Reviews: "Perennial teacher's pet Jasper Gordon has a ringside seat, between cousins Spike and Butch Couture, the banes of Theodore Irvine Elementary for five years, as they square off against tough, feared Mrs. McNulty…Spike and Butch are the most hilariously annoying classroom cut-ups since Barbara Robinson's Herdmans in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and The Best School Year Ever."

The Horn Book Magazine: "Gauthier does not skimp on any chance for humor, deploying satire and slapstick in turn."

Booklist: "Gauthier demonstrates a real talent here for humorous hyperbole and episodic classroom comedy."

Other Stuff:

Nominated for the Maude Hart Lovelace Award for 2001-2002.
Selected as one of the best children’s books of the year by the Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College.
Selected for the 2000 West Virginia Children's Book Award List.
Selected to appear on the 1999-2000 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award master list.
Nominated for the 1999-2000 Georgia Children's Literature Book Award.
An Accelerated Reader title.

Butch and Spike Invade Europe:

German Edition

Ein total verrucktes schuljahr

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