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My Life Among The Aliens


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My Important Thoughts About The Book:

Hardcover Edition
Hardcover Edition
Though Aliens seems to be about space dudes, it really has a lot to do with my family. When my children were little, I really did cook the way Will and Rob's mother cooks. My husband plays the guitar, as does Will and Rob's dad. Our family went out one night in August to watch the Perseid meteor showers, just as the family in Aliens does. We did have a birthday party like the one in the book with guests named Katie, Tommy, Brendan, Ian, Jonathan, Ryan, and Jason. Scholastic Paperback
Scholastic Paperback

In fact, most of the characters in the book were named for real people in my life. The main characters were named for my sons, Will and Rob. Their cousin, Brendan, was named for my nephew. Tommy and Katie O., the neighbors, were named for Tommy and Katie O., our neighbors. The father in the book was called RJ, which is what I often call my husband. The family in the book was named Denis in memory of my Great-aunt Anna Denis who died sometime while I was working on the story. I always pronounce the name De-knee because that's how Aunt Anna pronounced it. She lived in Ontario, Canada and was very French.

At this point, I would like to go on record as stating that I have never--at any time or in any place--seen or spoken to an extraterrestrial life form. And there's nothing anyone can do or say that will get me to say I have.

The Critics' Important Thoughts About The Book:

School Library Journal: "Gauthier has created a delightful science-fiction romp in which the impossible is presented as if it were perfectly natural. Fun to read aloud, the book will appeal to readers who suspect that those weird kids down the street might be space invaders."

Kirkus Reviews: "Brash good humor from a newcomer who is anything but starry eyed. The narrator, Will, and his daring brother, Robby, lead ordinary lives but for the fact that 'alien-situations' keep occurring…Although much fun is poked at parents, this is a world where no-nonsense moms make the rules and enforce them, and there really is a Santa Claus. With zany black-and-white cartoons of small angular figures, this is a droll and irreverent comedy, at the center of which beats a heart of gold."

Other Stuff:

Selected as a Children’s Book of the Year by the Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College.
Selected as a Choice Book of 1996 by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Selected to appear on the 1997-98 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award master list.
Selected to appear on the 1997-98 and 1998-99 Great Stone Face Book Award book list.
Included in Great Books About Things Kids Love by Kathleen Odean (Ballantine Books).
An Accelerated Reader title.

To An Alien, It Is Truly A Small World

German Edition

Hardcover Paperback

Achtung Außerirdische

Japanese Edition

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Italian Edition

La mia vita tra gli alieni

French Edition

Les visiteurs débarquent!


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