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The Hero of Ticonderoga


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My Important Thoughts About The Book:

The Hero of TiconderogaThe Hero of Ticonderoga was originally going to be a historical novel about Ethan Allen.  I had written a paper on Ethan's book, The Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen's Captivity, while I was in college.  While researching another college paper on folklore, I read some of the folk tales that had grown up around him.  (The story about the snake that became drunk after biting him is a good example.)  I was so certain that Ethan would be a good subject for a book that I kept the note cards I made while writing my paper about him.  I still have them, though I don't know where.   Anyway, I gave up my plan for the historical novel before I'd written more than a few pages of the first draft, but there was never any doubt that this book would involve Ethan Allen in some way.


The Critics' Important Thoughts About The Book:

Kirkus Reviews: "With her usual wry humor and clear-eyed look at the world of children on the brink of adolescence, Gauthier introduces a delightful, iconoclastic heroine...As Therese delivers one oral report after another (Mr. Santangelo keeps reassigning the task until she gets it right) we get a look at Allen as an outrageous hero:  irreverent, intelligent, hard-drinking, rarely missing an opportunity to make enemies, and possessed of an admirable and reckless courage.  In the smaller milieu of her school and her town (and except for the drinking), Therese is much like her subject...we are left, in this satisfying read, with a rich impression of a likable protagonist..."

Publishers Weekly:  "Like Ethan Allen, the subject of her oral school report, the narrator of Gauthier's amusing and affecting novel, set in 1966 Vermont, is sassy, shrewd and outspoken.  Tessy's voice crackles with razor-sharp insight and comedic one-liners from the very start...Gauthier sustains her tale's rapid pace and surefire humor throughout, while delivering a history lesson that reader's will absorb effortlessly."

The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books:   "Background issues of sixth-grade squabbles, jealousies, and busted friendships are right on the mark, and it's thoroughly refreshing to find a protagonist who is a perfectly average student with parents who love her just the way she is."

Other Stuff:

Named a Notable Book for 2002 by the American Library Association.
A Recommended Book on the TeacherSource page of the PBS Website.
Chosen as one of the New York Public Library's Children's Books 2001 - 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing List.
Listed in the 2001 Capitol Choices, Noteworthy Books for Children.
On the Recommended Book List for Hawaii's 2003 Nene Award.
Nominated for the 2003-2004 Prairie Pasque Award.

The Hero of Ticonderoga Presentation:

You can watch my presentation, The Hero of Ticonderoga, on Ethan Allen. It was given at the Ethan Allen Homestead in Burlington, Vermont on June 15, 2014.

Virtual Field Trip: 

Click the button to join Thérèse and her classmates on their field trip to Fort Ticonderoga.

You can also visit the Ethan Allen Homestead at


The Ethan Allen Homestead
Reproduction of the home Ethan built after his second marriage.

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