Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Ethan Allen and Me

The presentation last Friday went...okay. I put the first class to sleep. I suspected that others wouldn't share my obsession with the Puritans, and I was right. I should have trusted my gut. The other presentations went better because I'd practiced the material enough that I was able to flip around and cut, cut, cut. All the kids had read the book, and there were some very sophisticated questions. "Why did you put Pokie in the book?" "Why did you put Peggy and Deborah in the book?" I thought those were deep questions since everything in a piece of fiction should be there for a reason.
I also used PowerPoint for the first time. That went very, very well.
This particular presentation needs work, but it's promising.
I just noticed that the March 5 entry was posted twice. Some day when I have time I'll fix that.


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