Tuesday, August 12, 2003

This Can't Be Good For My Self-Esteem

Yesterday I received official notification that two different editions of my books are going the remaindered/out of print route. (I'd been forewarned about one of them.) I am an extremely good-natured person, but I feel that's sort of pushing the envelope.

I finally finished a rough read of The Artist's Way and yesterday began writing the morning pages she recommended. Actually, I began on vacation over a month ago and then stopped. Anyway. I began yesterday and didn't get to it today. Sigh.

Then at the doctor's office this morning I was told that I don't have a hearing problem. In fact, my hearing is actually very good. I may, however, have an attention problem.

Which suggests that instead of reading books on creativity in an attempt to increase my productivity I should be readng books on paying attention and staying on task.

Hmmm. Guess I'll go on Instant Messanger for a while and see if there's anyone there.


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