Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What I Did This Morning

I am obsessed with the blog this week, as I sort of suggested in yesterday's post. This morning I did an Internet search of children's literature blogs. I didn't find a whole lot, which doesn't mean there aren't more out there, just that I didn't find them.

I found Kids Lit Books and More for Kids and Teens, Mrs. Rabbitt's Bookbag, and Books and Reading: Reading Motivation, Book Lists, Collection Development. All three sites appear to be maintained by librarians. I also found Children's Booklog. Sorry, I just can't make the link work. However, it's connected to a big site called About that I can connect to. I don't totally understand what it's about, but there it is. And Achockablog is a site from the United Kingdom, also connected to About.

Now, there may be blogs at individual children's authors sites that didn't show up on my search. My blog didn't show up, after all. But, otherwise, that's all I could find.


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