Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Almost There, Folks

I worked all day Sunday revising a chapter. That means I worked all weekend. Unheard of for me! Then I worked all day yesterday revising the last two chapters. Then I worked from around 11 AM this morning re-revising the last chapter and spellchecking and word counting and printing. Now I'm in the midst of putting everything in order and writing up little tags to stick here and there throughout the manuscript for my editor. Then I have to writer her a letter, which I've actually started because I worked on it as ideas came to me during the revision process.

I know there are some copy editing errors. I hope I can find them. And I want to add something about the main character's height somewhere. And maybe change the last paragraph.

I hope to mail this out tomorrow afternoon.

At this point in a project I get really excited about finishing. Not because oh, boy I've written a book, but because oh, boy we'll have clean, folded, and ironed clothes soon. We'll have food soon--in this case, tomorrow afternoon. I hope. Soon I can work on that essay I started nearly two years ago and update my website. There's lots to look forward to at this point.

Oh, I've been collecting lots of neat blog ideas this weekend. I can look forward to writing about them soon.

Jane Yolen updated her journal. She's distressed because she thinks she's not working hard enough. Yeah, Jane.


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