Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Too Late. Just Move On.

I found the article I wanted to write about last week, but it's dated now and blogs are supposed to be cutting edge, right? So forget about it.

Instead, I'll tell you that I've read that S.E. Hinton of The Outsiders fame is supposed to be publishing a book for adults soon. This is probably old news, too, but since I just heard about it it's new news to me. I have never read any of Hinton's books, and watching The Outsiders movie on video is most definitely on my personal Top Ten List of Terrible Experiences. However, Hinton was just a teen when she started publishing, which I certainly respect, and she is wildly popular with young readers, whose opinion I value. So this is newsworthy.

What's more, I have a family member who was a huge, huge Outsiders fan as a sixth grader and for years thereafter. Perhaps this new Hinton book will be waiting for him Christmas morning this year.


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