Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jane, Jane, What Have They Done To You?

Jane Eyre commemorative stamps have been issued in Great Britain. If these things don't put a generation off reading the book, I can't imagine what will. Jane is described as plain in the book, but, whoa, these images go way past that. Thanks to Blog of a BS for the link. I guess.

If only we lived in The Eyre Affair. There would be a law against doing this kind of thing to our Jane. Speaking of The Eyre Affair, I'm somewhat behind in my reading of the Thursday Next books. But Jaspar Fforde's website is so cluttered and overstuffed I can't take the time to wade through it to see what I've missed.

I haven't forgotten I've promised you more about The Cat in the Hat. However, I'm committed to shortish posts so next time. Maybe. Just to give you a hint, though, Dick and Jane will be involved.


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