Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, My Priorities Stink

I wanted to write a little more about series books, but I haven't finished reading the series book I wanted to write about. I also wanted to write some more about a book I wrote about earlier, but I haven't finished reading some material I wanted to include.

Today hundreds, many thousands, of writers are descending on New York City for Book Expo America, known to literary insiders as BEA. I went hiking.

Could have been reading, could have tried to get my publisher to slip me a ticket to BEA, could have been writing, and I went hiking.

This explains why my career is in the state you find it.

Even the people who write my favorite blog are at Book Expo and won't be blogging for the next few days. Talk about having it rubbed in your face.

I'm going to go stretch for a while. I went hiking today, remember?


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