Monday, December 26, 2005

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Merry Christmas

I am getting over the self-loathing I felt last night after an absolute orgy of gift swapping and a meal that was obscenely large. Next year I'm going to be more spiritual. Really.

I received copies of Bookmarks and Pages, both of which I asked for because I like sampling new magazines. At least magazines that are new to me. I also received a copy of When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops, which I'm sure is not at all child appropriate.

Next On My Mental Agenda

I don't believe in New Year's resolutions because you can only make them once a year. If you drop the ball, you're toast until January comes again.

If you've ever tried meditating with a coach, say, a yoga or martial arts instructor, for instance, you will recall that the instructors did not say, "If you find your mind wandering away, you've blown it. You're done until next class when I certainly hope you will do better, you cretin." No, the instructors say, "If you find your mind wandering, gently call it back and continue."

You just keep continuing.

I am into setting goals, creating objectives, and writing To Do Lists. I'm into calling myself back and continuing. Yeah, I know. Ommmm.

So instead of making a New Year's resolution to go to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, I'm putting making a vist there on my list of things to do. You can see that that is a totally different thing.

In March the museum will have an exhibit on contemporary illustration from the Netherlands. This is not a subject that I would have expected to feel much excitement about. However, included in the illustrators whose work will be exhibited is Dick Bruna, who created the Miffy books.

I only remember my family owning one of them, but it made quite an impression. On me.

Thanks to Big A little a for tipping me off about that exhibit. Kelly has been the source of a lot of kidlit info lately. She didn't let the holidays distract her at all. She called her mind back and continued!


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