Friday, July 07, 2006

The Year Of The Pick-up Truck

BookPage ran a review of Semiprecious by D. Anne Love that includes a cover that looks a lot like the cover on Defining Dulcie by Paul Acampora. Love's website and the Simon & Schuster site show a cover with the image flipped and an additional figure, suggesting the final cover was changed.

This could actually work to both books' benefit. I'd never heard of D. Anne Love before, and now I've noticed her new book because its cover, particularly the version BookPage used, is so similar to that of another book I've already read. And here I am mentioning Defining Dulcie again.

So here's hoping the cover will work for both authors.


Blogger Camille said...

Love wrote one of my recent historical fiction favorites, The Puppeteer's Apprentice. It is very good. I haven't read any of her other books.

There was a thread on Child Lit sometime ago about the similarities of book covers using stock photographs. Here it is again.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Paul Acampora said...

Hi Gail,
I'm definitely looking forward to reading Semiprecious. It would be fun to meet that girl in the photos too. I wonder what color her hair and that truck really are. Thanks for bringing Defining Dulcie to folks' attention. Best wishes!

10:42 PM  
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