Thursday, August 24, 2006

Modest Progress

Last week I was horrified to find that The Telegraph has removed 26 weeks worth of material from A Novel In A Year. I'd pretty much caught up to that point, but I was still mulling over some of the earlier exercises and assignments. Must work faster. (Like that's going to happen.)

I have finished a draft of the essay I was working on. However, I want to submit it to a site that's interested in creative nonfiction. Creative nonfiction is nonfiction that reads like fiction. So I have to rewrite it. You'd think I'd be rather down about that, but for some reason I'm not.

And I should be able to finish cleaning the office next week. If I don't, the parts I've cleaned will be getting dirty again before the whole room is done.

I finished painting my bedroom, though. That's one thing done.


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