Thursday, September 14, 2006

Best Books?

A number of kidlit bloggers are creating lists of the best books they've read so far this year. While I enjoy such lists, especially if my books are on them (thank you, folks), I'm not even going to try to create such a list myself. Why? My readings habits are way too chaotic. I do a terrible job of keeping up to the minute with my reading.

I walk through a library and scoop up whatever pretty thing catches my eye, no matter when it was published or for whom. I just read two more older picture books today, and I'm working on a memoir (which I will be blogging about at some point) from the '80s. I think. Because I'm not careful about reading this season's books, I then have to spend time catching up on what I've missed, which makes it even harder for me to read new stuff.

That being said, I became very excited at the library today when I was able to score a copy of King Dork and New Moon. I went to check out with them and voiced my delight to the librarians there.

Neither one of them had heard of either book.

If I had more time, this could seque into another post on how we in kidlit live in a different world.


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