Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Local Promo--In A Long Distance Sort Of Way

This is related to writing, not children's literature:

Connecticut author (local for me) Katharine Weber will be one of four presenters at a workshop called FINDING THE FLOW: Writing from the Inside Out at the Pocket Sanctuary at Kenyon Ranch in Tumacacori, Arizona (which is probably local for someone else). This will be happening on January 17th through 21st. You can get more information by scrolling down on this page.

I would love to be able to write in flow. It happens to me for, like, three or four minutes at a time. I've actually read books on the subject.

For a kidlit connection, of sorts, Katharine Weber wrote The Little Women, which I would describe as a contemporary twist on the original Little Women. As you can probably tell from yesterday's post, I really like twisted classics.


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