Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Hallucinations Have Begun

Sometimes when I've been doing something physical during the day, I'll have these brief...ah, I'm drifting off to sleep at night. For instance, if I've been biking, as I'm drifting off to sleep I'll have the sensation that I'm back on the bike. If I've been orienteering, I feel as if I'm in the woods. Earlier this month after an intense period of cooking because I was having guests over, I felt as if I was whipping cream again.

Anyway, last night I had to go to a taekwondo class. The evening classes are a source of anxiety for me because that's where most of the black belts are. Then I came home and stayed up to 1 a.m. reading for the Cybils panel. I woke up at 7 and started reading again. I sort of got dressed, if you call dirty workout clothes getting dressed, but I still haven't showered or brushed my teeth. By early afternoon I had finished reading two books I was working on and started a third.

This third book involved some dragon slayers. After a big opening episode, they were going to do some training during their downtime. I closed my eyes just to catch a catnap--and all of a sudden I was experiencing one of my little episodes and was back training in the dojang myself!

Can't remember that ever happening with a book.

I'm a little afraid that tonight when I go to bed I'll have hallucinations about reading.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever dreamed about book characters ? That's happened to me a few times. Given good characterisation is high on my list of priorities in a book, any book(s) that causes me to dream about the characters (and remember the dream, because I don't often) must be good !

1:26 AM  

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