Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There's Something To Be Said For Being A Mid-List Sort Of Writer

Big A little a has a post regarding Meg Rosoff's terror regarding the writing of her next book. 'Terror that this one will be...the one about which the critics say, "I frankly marvel that the author of X could have written so many pages of vapid drivelling nonsense..."'

Like Rosoff I certainly worry that each book will be my last. When my long-time editor left the publishing house that was bringing out Happy Kid!, I lost a couple of nights' sleep. I've heard plenty of stories about "orphaned" books and authors who lose their advocates at their publishing houses.

But having never had a really big book means that I'm not under the kind of scrutiny that someone like Rosoff is under. I'm not saying it isn't good to have a highly regarded and successful book. But the pay off for not having one is less pressure.

Have I mentioned that my computer guy says that my Pollyannish attitude is by far my most annoying trait?


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