Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Reading On-line

I am almost always overwhelmed by the amount of reading I'd like to be doing. Right now there's a lot of good stuff on-line. (In addition, of course, to all the many blogs I read regularly, anyway.)

Chicken Spaghetti has a really good Carnival of Children's Books up right now. I particularly liked the post from Book Nut on Caddie Woodlawn, since I've read the book and a similar discussion took place on one of my listservs recently.

The new issue of The Edge of the Forest is up. My favorite bit this month was Kim Winter's A Day in the Life column on getting ready for a writers' conference. The title of this article included the words "Part One," so I hope that next month's issue will carry an article on Kim's experience at the conference. I also liked Kim's What's in their Backpack? column about the books conference-goers brought with them.

If you'd like to get royally p.o.ed, read Colleen Mondor's Monday post at Chasing Ray on how the so-called critics at Critical Mass continue to shoot themselves in their collective feet.


Blogger Susan T. said...

Thanks for the link to the carnival, Gail.

Susan T.

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