Friday, June 29, 2007

Cannot Be Folded, Stapled, However It Goes

I tried to find out my blog's film rating, the way all my blogger friends are doing, and got this message: "We were unable to fetch and rate the URL you entered."

I take this as meaning that I am beyond rating. I cannot be categorized. I am a totally loose cannon. The rating system has never seen anything like me.

Last night I also had a dream that I was going to some kind of school reunion. I arrived late, knew no one, and couldn't find my room.

I take this as ... Wait!...It means I go my own way! Yeah! That's it! I was the totally cool loner!

What a relief. I was afraid I was at the wrong place.


Blogger Lee said...

Well, Mortal Ghost got an all-ages rating, and its characters use more foul language than my kids (not to mention the rape scene).

3:37 PM  
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