Thursday, August 02, 2007

Let Us Now Praise Famous Cats

Thanks to Sheila at Wands and Worlds, I learned that galley cat is doing this cat picture thing. Authors are sending in pictures of their pets looking literary, and galley cat is posting them.

Hey! I thought. I've got a literary cat picture!

Here's the thing, though: Take a look at that photo. Baby Lynx was not working on a laptop. He wasn't working on a desktop, either. He wasn't even working on an IBM Selectric. That portable typewriter is so old, I can't even remember what brand it was.

We're estimating here at Chez Gauthier that Lynx the Wonder Cat went on to his reward nearly thirteen or fourteen years ago. Somehow, it doesn't feel right to be sending his picture anywhere at this late date. I can't quite put my finger on a reason. Maybe because I have a gut feeling that galley cat was thinking live cats?

Lynx really was a marvel, though. In fact, he was the inspiration for my first published short story. I had been writing quite a long time before I broke into print, so I really owe him one.

He was irreplaceable--mainly because after his death we learned that three-fourths of our family members were allergic to him.


Blogger Daria Erdosy said...

OMG - was this story published in Cricket Magazine in the 80's? Could it be the one I remember 20+ years later and cried my eyes out to as a kid when the cat dies at the end and the mother comforts the child?? Please let me know! Thanks!!:)

3:10 PM  
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