Monday, September 03, 2007

Under The Radar

Oh, golly. My mind is just like my desk. Littered with things I can't find or have forgotten about.

I meant to comment on the Recommendations From Under the Radar program at the end of the week, but forgot about it until after this next one got started. I'll comment anyway, even though it's now old news, because I think that bloggers, going our own way and following our own schedules, are in the perfect position to keep reminding people about older titles. It's a bit of a mission as far as I'm concerned.

So here are a few things I noticed while trying to keep up with the Under the Radar schedule:

Leila at bookshelves of doom did a post on the Olivia Kidney series by Ellen Potter. I read the first book during the first 48 Hour Book Challenge. I liked it, though I didn't have much to say at the time. Leila described the book as hard to classify. It was recommended to me as an example of magical realism, whether that explains anything or muddies the waters still further.

Kelly at Big A, little a wrote about The Ingo series by Ellen Dunmore. I happen to own the second book, The Tide Knot. I don't like to read a lot about a book before I actually read it myself, so I've only read Kelly's description of the first book in the series.

Betsy at A Fuse #8 Production recommended The Noisy Counting Book. I know nothing about this book. However, the author and illustrator, Susan Schade and Jon Buller, wrote and illustrated Travels of Thelonious, a favorite of mine from last year.

And finally TadMack at Finding Wonderland did a post on something called The Avion My Uncle Flew that sounds just marvelous.

So you're hearing about these four titles one more time. Remember them when they turn up some day on your own personal radar.


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