Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Just Plain Masochistic

I've been reading back posts at Shrinking Violet Promotions. I've gone through this past May's (the blog has only been around since February), where I found a two-part interview with Brent Hartinger. The whole point of this particular blog is to encourage writers who are not born performers/promoters, but as one of those, I have to say I found the Hartinger interview a bit of a downer.

In Part One of the interview, pay attention to Hartinger's responses to Question 6, "Is there a window of opportunity for book promotion? A length of time after which one’s efforts make little difference?" and Question 11, "How much impact do you think an author's efforts can actually have on sales?"

Sadly, I think he's probably right on the money with everything he has to say. That doesn't make me enjoy hearing it, though.



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