Friday, February 15, 2008

The Marie Blogs

Today, Poetry Friday, I bring to your attention a new (since this past December) poetry blog called A View from the Potholes. This blog has nothing to do with kidlit, but it does carry info on literary journals and poets. Plus, it's maintained by a poet named Marie Gauthier, and this blog is maintained by a writer named Gail Marie Gauthier.*

And as I said earlier, it's Poetry Friday.

*I believe that all my Gauthier aunts were named Marie. Literally. Marie Therese, Marie Aline, Marie Cecile, Marie Simone, Marie... Well, there was a bunch of them. According to family lore, back in the day, French Canadian Catholic families gave all their daughters Marie (a variation of Mary) for their saint's name, and the saint's name came first. This was all lost on us kids who thought we had an Aunt Tessy, an Aunt Aline, an Aunt Simmy, and so on. I used to hear something similar regarding Irish Catholic girl names.

I mention all this because I've been known to cannibalize my family for work. If I can find a way to use this detail, I will.



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