Thursday, March 27, 2008

So True, So True. And Yet...

John Freeman asks Has reading about books replaced the real thing? Hmmm. Well, maybe.

Juicy bits:

Flicking over to a website has become our mental fidget, a way to satisfy our constant desire to be "out there" when we can't be - whether it's because we're sitting at an office, or waiting for the potatoes to boil. Yes! Yes! I think I'll go to one right now!

But the accumulation of information takes a toll. Occasionally, a barrage of reviews of a new book just makes me weary - oh, you again, I think. Oh, yes, yes. Sometimes the lovefest every time John Greene publishes a book gets close to being overwhelming. Though I can't get enough of reading about M.T. Anderson.

By way of artsJournal.


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