Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Am Inspired. Maybe.

I think we're all clear on my terrible work habits. Chris Barton at Bartography is working on changing his. Not that I mean Chris has terrible work habits. But he is trying to change his work habits, terrible or not.

For instance, he's started getting up early, bless him. I have rolled out of bed between five and six on occasion, but my gut feeling is that doing it every day can't possibly be good for me.

Chris is also cutting back on Internet time. He seems to be sticking to that plan, too, because recently he's only been posting at his blog on Sundays. That seems as if it could be way too radical a shock to my system. However, I might try to take an Internet break once a week as he's been doing.

This reminds me of a time when I was thinking of taking up fasting. Sure, I thought. I could fast. Yeah. On Sundays. I could fast once a week on Sundays...On Sunday afternoons...Absolutely...On Sunday afternoons from, say, 12, 12:30...Maybe 1 o'clock...Yeah...I could fast on Sundays from 1 o'clock about 5:30?...5:00?



Blogger Chris Barton said...

Gail, you wouldn't think less of me if I confessed that my two hours spent on "marketing stuff" each Sunday appears to be spilling over into a third hour, would you?

Reading interviews at The Edge of the Forest and whatnot takes time, you know...

8:21 AM  

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