Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thinking About Going Back To School?

My very long-time readers may recall that I've considered seeking a master's degree in some kind of writing. For years I thought about this. I've finally just about lost interest because 1. I'm pretty sure almost any master's program is going to require me to take at least one course I couldn't care less about; 2. the one graduate course I took (and enjoyed) took up all my writing time; and 3. I'm getting into self-study. The whole do whatever you want whenever you want thing really appeals to me. Plus, you can sort of understand things however you want to. If you haven't quite got it right, who will know? Unless I start studying brain surgery, I'm safe.

If, however, some of you are still hearing the siren's call of an M.F.A., Cynsations has an interview with Sharon Darrow regarding the Vermont College Master in Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

Cynthia asks the questions I'd want to ask if I were thinking about doing something like this. Which I'm not, of course.


Blogger david elzey said...

It's a great program, for those who are interested, that Vermont College. I'm half way through and feeling like I'm already going to miss it once it's over.

10:50 PM  
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