Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Think Therefore I Think

Yesterday I was looking on-line for some ideas on teaching philosophy to children. I came up with a few interesting things.

Philosophy for Children (They've moved the site, but I find it more cluttered and confusing so I sent you to the old one first.) includes material on using books to discuss philosophy with kids. The new site will also tell you whether the titles involve things like metaphysics or epistemology--which will be far more helpful for those people who know what metaphysics and epistemology are, which I don't.

The Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children also has a literature list and some lesson plans for specific titles.

The Director of the Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children (see preceding paragraph) has a blog, Wondering Aloud: Philosophy with Young People.

Training Report: Ouch. Finished the last segment I started yesterday. Though, actually, when you consider that I didn't start working until after three, that's probably not bad.


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