Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Not Big On Photo Covers, Anyway.

Just days ago I made the decision to stop stalking...I mean following... Justine Larbalestier by way of her blog. I'm always adjusting my blog reading. I find that business of the twenty-four hour day problematic as far as doing all the things I want to do. So I had to give up some daily visits to lit blogs to add author blogs like Justine's, then I had to give up some daily visits to author blogs to add agent/editor/and general writing blogs.

Plus in my experience all one-sided Internet relationships run their course. First I drifted away from Jane Yolen. Now I'm drifting away from Justine.

However, no sooner do I start to drift, than all hell broke loose down under regarding the cover of Justine's new book, Liar. Actually, all hell broke loose all over the Internet.

Holy Moses.

The new blog Pimp My Novel has a couple of posts on book covers, Judging a Book By Its Cover and Better Late Than Never.

Training Report: Went to the Connecticut Science Center today. Someone is going to go to a science museum in the 365 Story Project.



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