Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Twilight's fantasy is that the gorgeous gay guy can be your boyfriend..." Oh. I See. Kind Of.

Esquire carries an article that will tell you What's Really Going on With All These Vampires. It explains Twilight thus: "Twilight's fantasy is that the gorgeous gay guy can be your boyfriend, and for the slightly awkward teenage girls who consume the books and movies, that's the clincher." But aren't those slightly awkward teenage girls hoping for a gorgeous straight guy? Gorgeous gay guys are, indeed, gorgeous, but what's a straight teen girl going to do with one?

This article mentions True Blood, which is somewhere on my Netflix queue, and does a little rave about its opening credits. While I was listening to the True Blood theme music, I thought, Hey, isn't that Chris Isaak? Guess not.

Blog of a Bookslut got me going on this.

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Anonymous J.L. Powers said...

Well, I know what they MEAN--the gay guy they're referring to is thoughtful, sensitive, caring, understand's a girl's crazy emotions, notices what you wear, etc etc. Besides the obvious problem you already mentioned (that a straight girl wants a straight guy), the other problem with their comment is that they're stereotyping gays big-time.

I have some gay friends and I've had a lot of encounters with gays and the stereotype is a lot of hooey. Gays are as diverse in their personalities and characteristics as are the rest of us.

Just my two cents.

10:22 PM  

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