Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Just Heard About This Today!

I kid you not. I picked up a family member at a train station outside Boston, and after he slept in the car for a while, we got to talking about self-publishing. (I can't remember why. But it's terrific to have a family member to talk to about these things.) Back to our conversation. Said family member asked me if I'd heard about Harlequin Horizons, which I hadn't.

If only I'd been keeping up better with my blog reading, I would have known what he was talking about because Greg Pincus mentioned it at The Happy Accident last month.


Blogger Gregory K. said...

Last month or this month, it's still a fascinating turn of events... and not one that's gonna disappear by next month, either! Change appears to be the only constant in the publishing business these days :-)

2:28 PM  

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