Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Last year I made a New Year's resolution that I actually kept. The resolution was to moisturize more. Notice how modest this resolution is. Notice that I merely said I would moisturize "more." I didn't set an arbitrary amount. Also, I didn't set an outcome. I didn't resolve to moisturize more so that I will look ten years younger or get rid of those dreadful creases around my eyes. I just said I would "moisturize more." Thus, any moisturizing I did meant I was successful.

I have learned from this experience.

This year I have resolved to read less so-called entertainment news of the What Dreadful Thing Has Jon Gosselin Done variety or Celebrities Without Makeup variety during the workday. I actually got started a little before the beginning of the year on this, and it's going pretty well. Notice, I said I would read "less" of this stuff, not that I would stop. And I also allow myself to read it during the evening or on weekends. Though I'm finding that I'm not having to do that. Yet.

Today's Resolution Stats: I did not read How Elin Nordegren Spent the Holidays, Celebrities Another Year Older..., or Susan Sarandon Spent Quality Time With Some Young Guy I've Never Heard Of.



Anonymous Katie Ham said...

What ever New Years Resolutions in your mind, I a hoping you will find a way that you can do it. Congrats for last year resolutions.

5:01 PM  

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