Thursday, June 20, 2002

The Webbies and Me

I see I was passed over for a Webby Award...AGAIN. They must not have a category for me. So MAKE ONE, PEOPLE!

They do, however, have a category called Kids. Here's a rundown on this year's nominees. See if you can call the winner. appears to be a teen service site, sort of an adolescent and Internet version of Good Housekeeping. The day I visited "Sobriety Test" was a big headline. Under cool links I found "Skin Cancer: Are You At Risk?" and "Zap Your Zits." (When I followed that link I found the actual title was "Do It Yourself: Zap Your Zits." Readers were able to respond to that article, which was kind of interesting.) publishes reader poetry, and today they had a great one called Waffle House by Anna W., who is 13.

Ology is a site maintained by the American Museum of Natural History. It's beautiful, but I'm screams EDUCATIONAL.

Pinhole Spy Camera requires special equipment to view. I hate those kinds of sites. I'll check this one out another time.

SFS Kids is the San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site. See Ology above. is a product of Planned Parenthood. My first thought was, YIKES! HEALTH CLASS! And there is a certain amount of that. Actually, there's a lot of that. But the site also has stuff on interviewing skills and netiquette. Since I'm one of those people who is always looking for health information on the Internet, I suspect that if I were a teen I'd be at all the time.

And the Webby winner was: Ology. However, the People's Voice Winner (and I have no idea how this is selected) was Personally, I would have gone with the people. I really liked that poem ran today.


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