Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Two New KidLit Blogs

When I did a search for children's literature blogs last spring I didn't come up with many. In less then a week I've run across two new ones through the listserv, Child_Lit

The Misrule Blog comes from Australia. Entries appear to start at the beginning of June of this year. It's part of the Misrule: Home of Australian Children's Books On-line website maintained by Judith Ridge.

A lot of good kids' books have come out of Australia over the years, and in today's entry Misrule mentions an author I've enjoyed in the past--Judith Clarke. I'm a fan of her book, The Heroic Life of Al Capsella. Misrule says Clare has a new book out called Kalpana's Dream and that it includes a "professionally irresponsible English teacher and (GET THIS!) her vampire boyfriend."

Book Kitten is another blog that appears to be quite new. Oops. I just found the archives. It goes back to November, 2003. It's maintained by a librarian here in the states whose name I can no longer find right now. While it doesn't appear to be dedicated just to kidlit, there's a lot of kidlit stuff there.

Both these blogs have pictures, and they are set up so that readers can comment on individual posts. They make me feel like a poor relation. I will have to see what I can do to jazz my blog up.


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