Thursday, September 09, 2004

Some Net News

Okay, I'm Looking For It

ACHOKABLOG's Sept. 7 post says that The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor "should appeal to the type of reader who likes Artemis Fowl." Me! He's talking about me!

Why Isn't This Happening On A National Level?

Read on Wisconsin! is a statewide book club in...well, Wisconsin, obviously. It appears to be promoted by the state's First Lady. (Wish I knew her name.) It only covers books for infants through high schoolers, and I, personally, think that it should include adult books, too, if it's really going to call itself "Read on Wisconsin!" but that is just a minor, minor quibble. I am all for this book club.

Given that we have a national First Lady who is a former librarian and was supposed to be promoting books, I think it would be terrific if she did something like this. Or she could start some kind of movement to have each state do a "Read on Wisconsin!" type book club. If her husband is still employed after January, maybe I should write her a letter.

Another Book List

USA Today has a list of YA books. They are a little on the downer side. Thanks to h20boro lib blog for the link.


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