Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Not a Favorite

This past weekend I spent the better part of 12 hours in the car. Again. This time I was loaded with younger kid books. I keep getting them from the library and taking them back, overdue and unread. Not this time. I read three new books. That's right. I said new books.

Today I'll tell you about my least favorite of the bunch, Winchell Mink by Steve Young. Like Rob Thomas, who I've mentioned before, Young is also a TV guy. He's written for a number of shows including Boy Meets World, which I think was a kid favorite, but I wouldn't want to bet my life on it.

Now, about Winchell Mink. The philosophy behind this book seems to be that kids like wild and wacky things and that wild and wacky things are all a kids' book needs. The book is filled with wild and wacky episodes that are barely strung together. Winchell Mink does have a point, though I have to admit that I've forgotten it. I think the Captain Underpants books do a much better job in the wild and wacky department because the two I read had story lines.

Winchell Mink is subtitled "The Misadventure Begins," suggesting there will be more books. We'll have to see about that.


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