Friday, October 22, 2004

Something Old...Again

I know I am always way behind the curve with trying things (though I did see Shaun of the Dead while it was still in the theater. Unfortunately, it was too cool and hip for most of the people I know to have heard about)and I thought I'd accepted that about myself, but since I've been trying to do a decent job at maintaining this blog it's begun to get me down. Nonetheless, this morning I finished reading Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas who is this Rob Thomas not this Rob Thomas. I bought Rats Saw God maybe six or seven years ago as a gift for a young male relative. This was a really neat thing for me to do, since I now know the book has a pretty juicy sex scene.

I liked Thomas's book Slave Day and the television show Cupid on which he was an executive producer. He also wrote a book for younger kids called Green Thumb, which I personally found kind of preachy.

Well, what about Rats Saw God? You know, I think teenagers may like this. For the sex, if nothing else. But it just seemed sort of...oh, just another teen suffering story. I don't mean a true horrible problem book. Just run of the mill teen suffering. I lost my girlfriend to my teacher. I didn't like my father when I was younger but now he's not so bad. I was sort skimming stuff because there was nothing there that really grabbed me.

But wait! I just found out that Rob Thomas is involved with the new show Veronica Mars ! (Boy, Thomas's website is really, really out of date. I feel a lot better about mine.) I'd wondered what that show was doing in my TV listings. One on-line site compared it to Buffy. I will take a look for that reason alone.

I hope I get to it before it's off the air and in syndication somewhere.


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