Monday, December 27, 2004

Make It Go Away

Christmas is over. Now I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make the mess go away. What does this have to do with children's lit or writing, you may well ask? I get the same feeling when I finish a long, intense draft.

Well, here's a little round up of things I've noticed:

I often see references to January Magazine. It appears to a be a collection of book reviews and interviews with authors. It has posted its "Best of 2004" lists including a Best Children's Books list. These best books don't look like a particularly fun bunch. Not that I'm dissing the list, by any means. I hope to make it one day. I'm hoping to make any and all lists some day.

I'm linking to this article on breaking into creative nonfiction because I hope to do that one day, too. I also hope to get around to reading this article at some point, and by linking to it here, I might be able to find it again.

(Thanks to Karin at Southern Comfort for those two links.)

Quite some time after reading this article about the house that is supposed to have been the inspiration for Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre, I remembered that I'm a Jane Eyre groupie and should be really excited about this.


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