Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Throwing Together A Post--Again

I am obsessed with reaching the 50,000 word point on the novel I'm writing for National Novel Writing Month and angsting over whether I should test for black belt at the end of December or wait until the end of March. Which I wouldn't mention, but I need a plenty big excuse for the lack of posts recently and justification for the meager thought I'm putting into this one.

And What's the National Book Award Winner About?
Godless by Pete Hautman won the National Book Award for Young People's literature. If you go to the Godless link at the beginning of this paragraph, you'll find that Amazon doesn't have any reviews up for the book except for a few from customers. Doesn't seem to be hurting sales, though.

A New Kidlit Site
Just a year or two ago kidlit sites were few and far between. Not so any longer. Wayfarer's All is my most recent find. It's very new with only a few posts to date. But I love the title.

Jane Yolen Update
I haven't mentioned my addiction to Jane Yolen's on-line journal in a while. She hasn't done an update recently, either. In the past I've wondered if reading about Jane's powerful work ethic wouldn't improve my own work habits. However, recently I've noticed that not only does Jane spend more time working than I do, she also spends more time shopping and going out to eat than I do. I'm wondering if reading her journal isn't bad for me.

This post includes the word "Again" in the title because I wrote it two days ago, couldn't make it upload, and then lost the whole thing. Just want you to know I've been trying.


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