Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Third Book

Okay, so almost three weeks ago I read three younger kid books while on a car trip, and I still haven't told you about the one I liked best. I've got to get moving on this because 1. The books may be overdue at the library by now and 2. I'll be back on the road in another week and reading another batch of books.

So, my favorite book from my last car trip was...ta-ta-ta-ta Franny K. Stein: Lunch Walks Among Us!, which is one of three Franny K. titles by Jim Benton.

Just as my beloved Artemis Fowl is a master criminal, Franny K. Stein is a mad scientist. In Lunch Walks Among Us she has trouble fitting in with the other kids at her elementary school--as one might expect a mad scientist would. Adults might find this "be true to yourself" tale a little predictable. But adults aren't the primary readers of this serious, so to heck with us. There are clever, noncloying illustrations on every page, and Franny definitely saves the day through her own ingenuity.

Franny K. Stein, herself, has been named one of the "Year's Hottest Hotties" by The National Enquirer. I kid you not.


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