Monday, March 06, 2006

Carnival Time

Chicken Spaghetti has Carnival of Children's Literature 2 up. I wondered if doing another one so soon after the first was a good idea--you know how the second time is never quite like the first? But Susan got a lot of bloggers I haven't heard of before, and I love the way she arranged them.

Among the links posted at Chicken Spaghetti:

Words by Paul a new live journal from Paul Acampora, whom I blogged about yesterday. I didn't find this when I googled him for my post.

Ruth McNally Barshaw has a wonderful site called SKETCHES of FAMOUS AUTHORS and famous illustrators OF CHILDREN'S BOOKS . Barshaw attends author/illustrator talks and does sketches while she's sitting in the audience. She's posted the sketches as well as her notes. The site is fantastic.

I think I'm going to keep an eye on Bartography for a while because Chris Barton appears to write historical biography. I am afraid to write nonfiction, myself, but I'm interested in history.

I spent a big chunk of my blogging time visiting sites at the carnival. The next carnival will be held at Semicolon. In the meantime, my computer guy is frantically working away trying to solve our permalink problem. He thinks the problem is related to the fact that this blog is four years old and that Blogger has changed things since I've started. We have to somehow catch up with the technology. I feel old.


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