Monday, September 18, 2006

Bringing You The Past

I've been watching a blog called The Inter-Galactic Playground because it focuses on science fiction for children. I am not a serious reader of sci-fi, but I like to dip into a couple of books a year.

Unfortunately, my background isn't broad enough for me to recognize much that the Playground's blogger writes about. But today I noticed Saturday's post on Fireball by John Christopher. I didn't recognize the book, I recognized the author.

John Christopher wrote The Tripods Trilogy, which I guess you could call a classic. I wasn't particularly crazy about these books set in a dark future after alien invaders have taken over the Earth. Futuristic misery just doesn't grab me. And the tripod thing seemed a little too War of the Worldish to me.

No, the Christopher book I preferred, as I'm sure I've said here before, was When the Tripods Came, Christopher's prequel to the Tripod series. The prequel is set in the present day. I like my sci-fi and fantasy to be fixed in the mean streets I know, giving it a little pseudo-reality, I guess.

I hope that soon we'll be seeing more regular updates at The Inter-Galactic Playground.


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