Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Gift To Mark The Start Of Another School Year

In my town, school will be starting a week from today. To mark this exciting event, I will be giving away a copy of A Year With Butch And Spike because the year in the title refers to a school year.

Jasper Gordon is the perfect child and the perfect student. His reward? To spend sixth grade sitting between those delightful cousins, Butch and Spike Couture. No one ever described the Cootches as perfect.

My Grandmother Gauthier was a Couture. That makes me a Cootch.

A Year With Butch And Spike is out of print now, so you won't find it just anywhere. And I'm talking about a new, autographed copy, which are even harder to find.

Send me an e-mail any time before the end of Wednesday, August 29th with "Butch and Spike" in the subject line. We'll do a drawing on Thursday, August 30th, and the winner will receive a brand, spanking new copy of the book.

By the way, a paperback book club had an option to buy the club rights for this book and ended up passing on it because of nudity.

Admit it, you all want this book now.



Blogger klonghall said...

My mother shared Butch & Spike with me several years ago. We decided that it should be a "must read" for every new teacher before she/he begins the year. My mother lost her battle with breast cancer this summer. It brings a smile to my face each time I read about one of her favorite books. She was an amazing teacher for 30 years. I taught 4th grade until the birth of my first child back in 1997. I still keep up on new children's books and love reading kitlit blogs.

Thanks for the good memory for me today. I miss talking books with her. I can't believe Butch & Spike is out of print. I need to pull out my copy again. It's been a few years since I read it.

3:15 PM  
Blogger gail said...

I am so delighted that one of my books was a favorite of your mother's and became a shared experience for the two of you. When my kids were little, that was always my hope--that we would always have books in common.

Thanks for commenting. Authors live for stories like yours.

7:02 PM  
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