Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Loss Of Contact

On Monday night, the company that provides our Internet service suffered some sort of massive power outage. They got their power back relatively quickly, but they then had a huge problem rebuilding their data. We had general Internet access and personal e-mail yesterday, but the status of my website, blog, and professional e-mail was a mystery. They were some of the things the techies were still trying to rebuild.

I am not at all sure of the connection between loosing your power and having to rebuild your data. I'm just repeating what I was told when I called them yesterday.

My computer guy assured me this would work out. "These people better have had backup somewhere offsite." Well, yeah. If days passed with no improvement, he could have republished my website, and we hoped that Blogger had my five and a half years of blog posts stored somewhere. I will spare you the details of my angst over losing all that. Let's just say I was feeling very Gail Who? without being sexy and fun.

If you entered our Books For The Holidays contest yesterday, please enter again since we may have lost e-mail while all this was going on.

UPDATE: I just noticed that in all the rebuilding data trauma (And I'm talking trauma. My computer guy had to throw cold water on me to calm me down.) one of my Monday night posts didn't make it onto the Internet. So go back a bit to read all about the writers and illustrators I met this past Sunday.


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