Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, Please. What Century Is This?

Why Are Bloggers Male? asked columnist Margaret Wente of the Globe and Mail. Well, they aren't. Not all of them, anyway. And Wente heard about that in an on-line debate.

In the debate Wente says, "This was a lighter piece about opinions and sex differences in expressing them." Personally, I could tell she was trying to be light-hearted. Here's the thing, though--that oh-isn't-it-amusing-the-way-men-and-women are-different essay is so old. It is so 1970's. It has been done to death. So even if you're right and you actually have hit upon some way that men and women are actually different (say, because most women have noticeable breasts and most men don't), you're not going to get a lot of laughs with it because the structure of the humor is so old and predictable. We've been done laughing about that for a long time now.

And if you're blatantly wrong, well, yikes.

Check out Salon's response to the news that blogging belongs to guys.


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